IRRIGOPTIMAL® is an integrated suite making use of a set of technologies from Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data Management, detection Sensors and mechanical Actuatorsto tackle water scarcity reaching a reduction of water consumption in irrigation in the range of 35%-50% compared to the current values.

The system provides prompt alerts to support farmers and give indication on the correct amount of water to be used in the monitored zones. This value is given through an algorithm which merges live data from the soil and the crop, meteorological and theoretical data.

Through the use of an Application for Devices connected to the main software, farmers will no longer have to go to the field every day and/or water the plants but only when the system suggests it.

IRRIGOPTIMAL® is an integrated platform to tackle the challenge of scarcity of water posed by climate changes conceived with the aim to:


  • Reduce water consumption by 35% to 40% compared to the current values.
  • monitor and control the status of the crops, anticipating abiotic stress.
  • prevent yield losses due to biotic stress, as pests and diseases, reducing the use of fertilizer.
  • reduction of human resources. through the use of an application for devices connected to the main software, farmers will no longer have to go to the field every day and/or water the plants but only when the system suggests it
  • real economic savings. if efficiency improves, any savings can be reflected on the water tariffs to the consumer




The system provides comprehensive solutions for tracking and analyzing essential parameters such as soil quality, climate conditions, and environmental factors. Our services include recommending actionable strategies to support farmers in optimizing crop yields. Additionally, we offer export and data analysis tools to aid farmer decision-making processes. With our suite of services, farmers can make informed decisions to enhance productivity and sustainability in agriculture.


The system provides advanced solutions for early disease detection, real-time monitoring of leaves, and offering recommended preventive and remedial actions. Our platform ensures early alert disease recognition, allowing farmers to take proactive measures to protect their crops. With our real-time checks and actionable recommendations, farmers can effectively manage diseases and safeguard their yields.


The system automatizes irrigation plans through remote control of actuators, enabling precise irrigation system control per sectors/rows. It utilizes irrigation values calculated by IRRIGOPTIMAL® to optimize water usage and ensure efficient irrigation practices. With these automated solutions, farmers can streamline irrigation processes, enhance crop health, and maximize water efficiency for sustainable agriculture.


The system provides recommended irrigation plans for the next 3 days based on AI models, ensuring optimal water management. It defines "stress levels" for tailored irrigation, allowing for precise adjustments based on crop needs. Additionally, it monitors irrigation calendars and optimizes water consumption to enhance efficiency and crop health. With our comprehensive approach, farmers can make informed decisions to maximize yields while conserving water resources.


The system verifies possible disease attacks and provides early alert and real-time pest identification. It offers recommended preventive and remedy actions to mitigate the impact of pests on crops. With our proactive approach, farmers can swiftly respond to threats, protect their crops, and maintain optimal productivity.


WE-LEARN is the new online Learning Platform designed by Wes Trade to provide educators and learners with a single, robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environment

WE-LEARN is a user-friendly Learning Management System(LMS) that can supports learning and training needs for a wide range of Institutions and Organizations. WE-LEARN modular nature and inherent flexibility make it an ideal platform for both academic and enterprise-level applications of any size.

Basic Functionalities:

MERCURIO CRM provides the sales, marketing, and the support teams with a variety of opportunities regarding their customer relationships and enables them to build strong and long-lasting business connections.

The purpose ultimate of MERCURIO CRM is to gather collaboration and organization tools in one place, all of them designed for the sake of the ideal customer experience.

MERCURIO CRM helps the organisations to improve both prospective and current customer experiences by automating their sales, support, and marketing tasks and developing a variety of business-enhancing insights. MERCURIO helps users to maintain the contact, automate the repetitive tasks, track the campaigns, and compile an extensive report about the sales, marketing, and compile an extensive report about the sales, marketing, and the support task being performed in the organization.

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Software as a service


IRRIGOPTIMAL is a new integrated irrigation operation management system based on Artificial Intelligence and ...

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An E-Learning platform developed by WES TRADE able to support organisations in their training programs.

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The Customer Relationship Management E-Learning platform developed by WES TRADE able to support SMEs in their...

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Internationalisation Services

Elevating Your Ideas,
Turning Them into Reality.

Internationalization support and Trade

Support Companies to internationalize their products/services through the possibility to join business opportunities and create international Partnerships or a specific “ad-hoc campaign”. The activity includes dedicated Business Plans and geographical market analyses.

Business development in Malta

Turn-Key support to International Companies willing to expand their Business in MALTA with the possibility to join concrete business opportunities and long-term partnership with local companies.

The world has become a more interconnected place than ever before. Our mission is to help companies overcome geographical boundaries, exploit new market opportunities and build bridges between cultures. Our ambition is to create a world where international trade is accessible to all, promoting understanding between nations and contributing to global economic growth.


Large Complex Project

Mali, Ivory Coast and Tanzania Service centers

Mali, Ivory Coast and Tanzania Service centers

WES TRADE has been awarded a contract for the implementation of all technological systems for one Service Center in Mali aimed to improve national gold and quartz production. The project objectives and the security systems that are designed for implementation are listed below:

  • Perimetral CCTV
  • CCTV and Internal Security (Access Control and Intrusion Detection)
  • Electrical System distribution
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Detection System
  • Internal and external lighting
  • Industrial Plumbing System
  • LAN, Networking and PABX
  • Integration Software for all Subsystems (CCTV, SCADA and all industrial Systems)

Main target of the integrated solution is to provide:

  • Deterrent against robbery attempts and vandalism;
  • Enhancement and optimization of control activities through centralized management
  • Perimeter protection of the site from unauthorized intrusions
  • Technological preparation of the Service Center

Tripoli International Airport

Tripoli International Airport

WES TRADE is supporting the Italian Consortium AENEAS in the project for the construction of the Tripoli International Airport. WES TRADE is tasked to support the Italian Consortium with all logistic support activities including security, construction of the Man Camp, soil investigations and several other logistic activities for working staff. With the collaboration of local Libyan and Maltese partners WES TRADE offers an integrated logistic support service for such large-scale project. WES TRADE has in fact solid collaborations in Libya in several sectors to support foreign companies working in the North African country.

Kankou Moussa Refinery-Mali

Kankou Moussa Refinery-Mali

WES TRADE has implemented in 2015 the integrated security systems at the Kankou Moussa Gold Refinery in BAMAKO (MALI). The activities realized by WES TRADE included among others:

  • CCTV
  • Access Control System
  • Control Room
  • Street Lighting
  • Software to manage the Canteen access

With a refining capacity of more than 20 tons per month, the Kankou Moussa refinery (KMR) stands for one of the largest and most modern gold refineries in the world. This investment represents a worldwide high-class facility, and by its choice to settle in Mali, the host country, it now allows the deployment of an industrial processing and promotion of valuable substances chain, which allows the fulfilment of local added values.

Web Development

Web Design

The process of designing the visual appearance of a website. This includes the layout of content, the choice of colors, fonts and visual details that make a site attractive and functional. Good web design considers usability, accessibility and user experience.

Email Marketing

A digital marketing strategy that involves sending targeted emails to subscribers or customers to promote products, services or share information. This form of marketing is used to establish connections with audiences, increase customer loyalty and generate sales.

App Development

It refers to the creation of software applications that can run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or on other platforms. App developers write the code that powers these applications, allowing them to perform various functions and provide interactive user experiences.

UI-UX Designing

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design is about creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces for applications, websites and software. The UI focuses on the visual appearance and the arrangement of the elements, while the UX considers the user experience.

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